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How Do We Apply For a Job Through An Online Portal?

Online Jobs in Somalia,

When searching for a new job, your applications should be completed online either on a job board or through an employer’s website. Before you start job searching, it is essential that you should complete an online job application. An online job application requires all the information you will need to apply, and it will be very easy if you have all the previous employment information that the employer wants on hand. 

To find a job according to your requirement and qualification, it is essential to know how to apply for a job online. Every online application procedure is unique, but there are some fundamentals that you can learn to make the process easier.

It is essential to have a laptop, internet access, resume, email id, and a cover letter to apply for a job online. You can follow the below steps to simplify your application process and online job search –

Update Resume

Before applying for a job, it is essential to have an updated resume and also draft a cover letter. Your resume should contain your employment history and contact information. Moreover, save your resume with a simple title that includes the word “resume” so that it is easy for the hiring manager to identify. 

Profile Update

On professional networking platforms, some companies and recruiters prefer checking your profile rather than your current resume. Keep your profile up to date, and you should not have any post or image on your profile that can deter the recruiter from hiring you. If the job portal includes a sample work option, then add your work links to it. 

Keyword Usage

For the position you want to apply for, look for keywords in the job description. Make use of relevant keywords that can help the recruiters to scan your profile or resume easily. Many companies use an application tracking system that automatically searches keywords in applications. 

Use Company Website and Job Search Engine

Some companies post for a job on search engine sites. You can look for these sites like Jobsom for jobs you are interested in and use filters like title, location, and salary. If you know which company you want to work with, you can look at their website directly and apply on the company website, by this way, you can check the status of your application as it will go into the applicant tracking system. 

Be Selective

It is essential to understand the job requirement, only apply for a position or job if it meets your requirement. It is good to apply for an organization where you are willing to work. In this way, you can save more time in your job search process. 

Follow Up Your Job Application

Keeping track of your application can help you know which position a recruiter or hiring manager refers to when they call you for an interview. 

Finding a new job can take time; if you are looking for Online Jobs in Somalia, Jobsom is an online job portal that can help you search for a new or better opportunity. For more details, visit our website now!

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